Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Real Life: Advent Snapshot

I’m starting a new section. The purpose of posts titled “Real Life” will highlight just how easy it is to crop out and gloss over the unpleasantries when blogging. I’m real, you’re real. I have little irksome tasks that don’t get accomplished every day, moreso when I cook, bake, make and create all the things that are so much fun to blog about. I’m sure you do to.

My morning:

DSC_2577 - Copy - Copy

So cute, right? Look at him. Sweet chubby shiny-eyed baby with a Christmas blanket. Adorable. Don’t you just want to nibble those cheeks and snuggle him??


True, but harder to see all that cuteness when I don’t artfully omit FROM THE VERY SAME PHOTO….

  1. Undecorated artificial tree (except a few candy canes in the kid-reachable areas).
  2. Toy hockey net from yesterday’s play.
  3. Long-term Playdoh storage in random Ikea bins, bane of my dining room.
  4. CRUMBS!!! Almost always there.
  5. Animal flashcards abandoned by bigger kids.
  6. Stuff hidden behind the couch because I don’t have room anywhere else.
  7. Yep, that’s the tree skirt he removed from the tree. Himself. By crawling.
  8. More crumbs! Under the rug fringe. It happens.

Today I’m going to TRY to do something other than clean, feed and cook. Because that’s what I mostly do these days, and I need a break. The crumbs can stay. The tree skirt can live in the middle of the floor. I’m going to tackle some FUN projects. Maybe sew. Maybe design Christmas cards. Maybe make some future blog posts (I have so much to share, and no time to share it!). Tomorrow I’ll pay but it will be worth it for a mini-creative vacation from the routine. We all need that now and again to keep our sanity amidst the… crumbs :)


Reenie said...

Love this post, love the series :) You are, as always, my hero. Your Real Life still looks cleaner than mine right now and I don't have the adorable baby in the middle of it. Just really hairy creatures. Maybe someday I'll brave a Real Life post (heaven knows I've been snapping pics of it without the balls to actually post them lately).

Jodi said...

This is the best series idea ever. :)

Hooray for creative vacations. I tried for one yesterday and was less than excited about the outcome. Maybe I'll give it another go today. :)

Alexis said...

What can I say? Perfect and true. So true. Good for you taking a creative vacation! Yesterday I moved a bookshelf, reorganized the kids memory boxes and painted the bench thing in the attic. I definitely paid for it but it was still worth it.