Thursday, March 29, 2012

From the Kitchen: Sugar Cookies for Lovebirds


Bridal shower season is upon us. Last weekend I attended the celebration of the impending nuptials of a cousin-in-law to be. For favors, I got to help with some occasion-appropriate sugar cookies. I was inspired by the mountains of heart-turned-bride-or-groom cookie images on Google.



The black for the tux was intimidatingly intense. I feared massive color bleed, but it was really not a big deal. A little feathering, and that could probably have been avoided entirely by giving the black another 12 hours to dry.


Since I had to make these ahead of time, my mother-in-law froze them before bagging them as favors, and still, they looked great and tasted just as fresh after 2 weeks of Arctic treatment. I’ve frozen royal icing iced sugar cookies before, and you can read more about how I did it here.


I also made some First Communion cookies at the same time… and I’ll show those off soon too. I’ve got to go get a kid to school!!


Emily said...

these are amazing! you need to open a cookie shop :)

Betsy said...

Wow! I second Emily!

Betsy said...

Have you tried shipping them? I would totally order some for a certain upcoming wedding (not mine) :) if they ship well. You truly are amazing!

Karen said...

Not to sound ungrateful (I love baking and would absolutely LOVE to help with Kate's wedding!), but the going rate for 1 (one) dozen cookies is about $25-30, plus another $10-12 for shipping. Yikes. I think I'll stick to local ventures, and get faster at icing. It literally took me an entire day to make those cookies, and there were only 33 of them (so that exorbitant price seems pretty fair for the time and ingredients!). Maybe you should try making your own? Seriously... it's a useful skill to perfect :)

Betsy said...

I think I feel better hearing they took all day - you are amazing, but still human. ;) I have tried before...let's just say, my attempt only added to my amazement of your skills :)

Andrea said...

Those are gor-geous. Watch out, Martha.