Monday, March 26, 2012

My Life in a Nutshell: Breaking the Blog Silence

Helloooooooo out there!


It’s been long winter, but Spring is here and I’m feeling more optimistic about just about everything. Life is still crazy. I still don’t expect to be blogging much at all for a while yet, but I keep thinking about what I would blog about if I had an extra 2 hours every day for the non-essentials. But today I’m going to sneak in (at great expense to daily household progress) an update, and hope that I can find the time to do more in the near future. I might (or might not) schedule some blog posts about various projects I’ve been up to since the first week of January, or recipes I’ve been making, or small people I’ve been mothering. But here is a list, in no specific order, of the main things that have been occupying my time lately:

  • Small People – Always with the feeding, bathing, clothing, nursing, medicating, entertaining and task-mastering. We’ve been healthy for a few weeks now, and that is wonderful. I have a sneaking suspicion we’ve got a cold brewing, but so far it’s nothing to write home about. This insane school year is marching towards summer with a pace at times rivaling a snail, and at others that of an ornithomimus (one of the fastest dinosaurs, or so I’m told by the 7 year old). Getting everyone to take responsibility for her homework and getting ready for school is not always easy, but overall we are surviving and, at time, even thriving. I am being stretched but becoming better at managing the millions of small tasks that were previously completely overwhelming. The smallest person is almost one and is getting some teeth, so we’ve had clingy unpleasantness intermixed with our Spring Fever too. Finger foods, climbing (oh the climbing!), nearly walking, teething craziness. And a healthy dose of pudgy baby thighs to lighten my mood when it seems like too much :) (picture below showing someone who has recently learned to read and ride a bike with no training wheels, but who could not get herself psyched for such a beautiful day)


  • Grandma – My maternal grandma passed away just two weeks ago. She had been battling her 5th cancer (she was quite a feisty fighter, as you might imagine), but had not been doing very well for the past 3 months. My amazing mom had been taking care of her 24/7 since December, and I was really only able to help with prayers and the occasional visit. It was hard to watch her ups and downs, but now that she is done with suffering, we are all relieved and glad that she was able to see so many family members, to make some memories, and ultimately, to receive Last Rites before her passing. Sad times can sometimes bring up questions of the purpose of life, or a fear of dying, or a feeling that you want to cling to what you’ve got while you’ve still got it (whatever IT might be… kids? spouse? looks? physical abilities?). But my Grandma’s passing helped me to remember that this life, the here and now and all the details that seems so important right now, really isn’t our ultimate purpose. We were MADE for more than that, and our life’s journey should be lived with a very clear finish line in sight so we don’t get lost along the way. And I think that a renewed focus on what I really truly want to do while I’m here was a priceless last gift from Grandma.
  • TheJuneBride Shop on Etsy – Well, in the midst of this nutty season, we blew right on past my 4 year Etsyversary in the beginning of February. And the 4 year anniversary of this blog, too. I really hadn’t even though about it until today! I’ve been chugging along in this season of Easter Egg Dye Kits, making new kits in my “free time” and shipping as the orders roll in. I’m working towards using up my stash and making as many finished kits as possible, for ease of sales and potentially for ease of moving (we’ll get to that later). I have a lot to list by way of wool flowers and a plan for a mother’s day promotion. I’d love to work on new products and have some ideas, but not as much free creative time as I probably need. Meh. It’ll happen when it’s the right time. I’ve been playing around with making some patterns, and successfully drafted a baby boy jacket. I’m still obsessed with more complicated garment construction but, again, no time to play right now (at least the kids can integrate work and play regularly!).
  • I’m Mad for my iPad – I think I mentioned before that I acquired an iPad last Fall. I love it so very much for its wonderful, life-enhancing ways. My husband would probably be jealous except that he has one for work too. And so it goes. Unpleasant tasks have become easier to do (it’s amazing what a gold star can do in the motivation department), chaotic things are now kept-track-of, life is organized into tidy lists and schedules, and I’m more efficient with less energy output than life before-iPad (BI… we’re now in AI- it deserves a moniker since this is a whole new era of living). I spend time daily using it to make more time in my day, so it’s a net gain. And a lot of fun too. I hope to share my favorite apps at some point, but it’ll have to wait for greener schedule pastures.
  • Living in the Kitchen – I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately, trying many many new recipes (using the Paprika app in the iPad) and baking up some creative treats for a bridal shower (post with pictures to follow, I hope). We are hosting Easter this year since we’ve got a First Communion and a First Birthday to celebrate that day as well, so I’m currently planning tasty, make-ahead-of-time food and desserts. Our First Communicant requested decorated sugar cookies. So, while we’re on the subject, have YOU met Jesus? He’s very sweet and will stick by your side through thick and thin (mostly thick, in the case of cookie Jesus).


  • Personal Goals – I have managed, with the help of and a very good friend to keep me accountable and inspire me with her own successful efforts, to lose another 10 or so pounds. I am now closer to the center of the ideal range on the BMI chart than I have ever been in my adult life. I estimate I weigh about what I did in high school, and I feel very good. I think I look better, have less inertia when it comes to energy-draining tasks like, say, mothering, for one off-the-cuff example. I am still not ready to tailor my dress form to my dimensions since I’m not sure I’ll stay at this spot. I hope to lose another 5 pounds, but right now that seems like the impossible dream. But then, I never would have thought I’d see this number on the scale in my life, and here I am. One day at a time…


So there you go… I’m still here, still creating quietly, still fighting the good fight, still hopeful, still desiring to make more blog posts as time and family allows. Thanks for sticking around :) Happy Lent!

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful Jesus Cookie! Do you take orders? Monica would heart those... :)