Sunday, April 8, 2012

From the Kitchen: Redemption Cookies

Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN! Hallelujah!


By now you are familiar with our quirky holiday-celebrating ways, so I am not feeling too funny writing this post. Today my darling daughter – the oldest of our brood – made her First Holy Communion. We are so proud! We are also celebrating Easter itself as well as the baby’s birthday, since we’re bundling occasions for convenience and fun. To help celebrate the Eucharist aspect in a special way, my daughter requested “Jesus cookies, some crosses, and… host cookies.” Okay… I could do that, it turns out.


I made them at the same time as the bridal shower cookies, and they also lived, well-wrapped, in the freezer until yesterday.


The crosses I decorated using a bag filled with brown, but I piped a few lines of flesh color and black to give it a faux bois effect. I also let them have some lines of emptiness for wood grain. Not too shabby. I think the host cookies turned out very well too. I was not exactly sure what color I could ice them to look authentic and also appetizing, but it turns out a pinky-brown flesh color hit the mark (fitting, no?). At first it seemed strange to make cookies that impersonated the Precious Body, but my husband reminded me that they were (of course) unconsecrated and therefore a perfectly appropriate. OK. Request fulfilled, conscience cleared.


Jesus got a 3D nose… I just let the face dry a bit, but not too much, and added another drop. The first time I tried it wasn’t dry enough and the weight of the drop cracked through the face and left Jesus with a hole instead of a nose. So I just added another drop when it was a little drier and covered up my mistake. I also added some gold luster dust (made paintable in clear vanilla extract) to accentuate the sunny halo. I made 8 Jesuses total, and a couple were gifted to the amazing catechists who wrangled 40+ 2nd graders through a year of formation and brought them, very well prepared, to this wonderful sacrament. Now that, dear readers, is an Easter-worthy miracle. May God bless them for their tireless efforts!


A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family!!

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