Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get Crafty: Hacking the Romper

Sounds sort of malicious (hacking a romper?), but I assure you that the hacking going here was purely for good. The little guy is back in cloth diapers (our 8-year-old Mother-Ease diapers, since you asked) for budgetary/ecological/convenience reasons, and his bum now refuses to fit into normal sized baby pants. It happens. Enter the humble romper.


I reverse engineered a romper that he already had (didn’t take it apart, but traced the pieces on the seam lines). The fabric I used was stretchier (a thrifted t-shirt), so this one is extra roomy. I’m okay with that, but it’ll make me more aware of that issue when considering future projects. It turned out well enough, though it has its share of issues. I used kamsnaps for the closures (because they are awesome), but they hold a little too tightly… wishing I had used the smaller size. I added the elephant appliqué when I realized I didn’t have brown snaps. But it works, it fits, and it is done. Hooray!


Have you copied garments? Did they turn out? Did you learn anything valuable from the experience?



Jess said...

This looks cute as can be!! I'm not yet expecting, but I hope to cloth diaper our future children & this helps with the "What do we do when their pants don't fit" scenario!! Thanks for sharing - love your blog!


Andrea said...

I recently tried to repurpose a huge button down into a fun tunic by expanding part of a pattern I used for a dress for Monica and one of my own tunic like shirts. Whoa, uber-fail. I got to the point of elasticizing the neckline, tried it on and realized I hadn't given enough ease in the bust. I totally looked like a pirate's wench. (Think bust bursting through the buttons, slouching poofy cap sleeves and a way-too swoopy neckline.) I think being more generous in cutting the panels is the way to go. You can't really add more on in most projects, and the wench look is *not* what I'm going for.

Emily said...

that is one VERY cute baby! is he for sale? (jk... we have our hands full with our baby over here... ha!). great job on the romper!