Saturday, August 18, 2012

Get Crafty: SewFearless-Inspired Hand Silhouette Pillow


As you may know from previous posts, the fabulously talented Jodi over at SewFearless is my REAL LIFE friend (I’m amazing by association, right?). She came up with a great gift idea: an embroidered pillow featuring hand silhouettes. She give some tips here, and another post about a another gorgeous one she made is here. She’s a textile genius. I loved this idea, and I was inspired to make something in the same vein for my mother and mother-in-law with grandkids hand prints. I stitched them on my machine, sewing on the wrong side using a bobbin with pearl cotton and standard thread for the needle. It gave a nice clean embroidered effect on the right side, though experience taught me to be careful with the direction you wind the pearl cotton because it can cause a wavy line if the cotton twist and bobbin direction align properly (look closely, you’ll notice it).



Jodi Bonjour said...

wow! You just blew my mind with that technique! I never knew you could do that with the bobbin thread.

Karen said...

I heard about it somewhere... Might have to adjust the bobbin tension to get the pearl cotton going through smoothly, but it really was a great technique! I'm proud to have introduced you to something, after all your inspiring of me :)