Monday, August 20, 2012

Hit the Links: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter is one of my favorite blogs, covering all manner of subjects pertinent to the daily Catholic living of one lovely large family. Recently, Leila posted about sewing bridesmaids dresses for the wedding of one of her daughters. I have found myself thinking about this post a lot, even though I am completely out of wedding land . The dresses were beautiful, handmade, well-planned and blogged with little pearls of wisdom tossed in for good measure. I suppose, truth be told, that I want to be Leila when I grow up (like my own mother, who handily altered the complicated bodice of my own wedding dress), and perhaps I just find all this to be very inspiring and educational, and it makes me want to sew adorable modest dresses too. With petticoats. In bright colors. I loved her choice of patterns, Vogue 8784, and her cotton voile fabrics by Anna Maria Horner and Joel Dewberry. The perfect compliment to the bride.

Photo from Like Mother Like Daughter via Nicole Montmarquet Photography.

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