Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Life in a Nutshell: I’m Baaaack!!

Okay… so my 2012 vacation from blogging has been killing me. Not literally, but it’s a creative outlet that I miss. Even though I have very little time for blogging right now, I expect that to change when school starts up again in about a month. At that point, my three “big” kids will all be in school all day, leaving me home with only the baby (!!) for 7 hours (!!) every (!!) weekday. I can’t even imagine what that will be like. But I know it will mean significant changes to how and when I do things, primarily for the better as far as creative business is concerned.
But I want to get the ball rolling with more blogging now, so I’m setting myself a little goal to blog 5 days a week (any 5 I choose), and to spend no more than 15 minutes each time. I’m going to try to have a photo and/or a link of interest, when possible. And maybe even try to make the posts ahead of time. So there. Goal set. Hold me accountable if you notice a silence lasting more than 4 days.
This post is an update about what I’ve been doing while not blogging. The short of it… I’ve been caring for sick kids. It’s been a terrible summer here (I hate to say it but, honest!), with only 3 weeks in which all 6 of us have been really truly well. Since May we’ve been sick with colds, coughs, the flu (twice!), croup and suspected pneumonia. Really it’s just been a continuation of our ailing 2012. Unfortunate, no? Well, we have thus far survived, and are actually approaching real health again. We still have a few weeks left to enjoy summer and do summery things, though we’ve been trying to do summery things even when not exactly healthy.
Like wading and building rock dams at a park:
And the summer reading program:
And playing during very hot Tball practices:
Digging in the dirt:
And graduating from Safety Town:
And, of course, getting all the little people to and from their activities and the ER as circumstances dictate. We’ve taken two shorter family trips “up north”, one camping trip to Mammoth Caves, and some day trips to local events and potluck meet ups with other families when we were not feeling particularly contagious. All in all, it hasn’t been a lost summer, but it has been different. I’m ready for real summer :)


Jodi Bonjour said...

What an amazing goal! Go Karen. I look forward to reading more snippets from you on a daily basis.

Erin M. said...

Welcome back to blogging.