Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Real Life: What do you do on a sick day?

So, after our wonderful vacation, we are sick again. Just a bad cold this time, thank goodness. We’ve been sick a lot this summer, and it hasn’t been fun. Today I am a tired weepy basketcase (the poor stuffed up teething baby has been a real gem to care for as well), and am consoling myself by digging through my quilting fabric stash and trying to get my printer to cooperate with my plans to print some new patterns. Or, if that doesn’t make me feel better, I’m going to catch up on past episodes of the current season of Project Runway on my iPad while lying on the couch and making the children fend for themselves as much as possible. What do you do on a sick day when you can’t lie in bed all day and have someone bring you hot tea when you ring a little silver bell?

Since I don’t like to post without photos if I can help it, I’m adding a sunrise picture from our vacation. It will remind me that no matter how unpleasant today may be, tomorrow is a new day, and likely much more beautiful than I imagine…


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