Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thrifting for Gold: Beautiful Bed Linens

I love a good thrift sale. We have a great local Kiwanis Club, and they do great work with their volunteer sales. As a high school recipient of a generous Kiwanis scholarship, I make sure to stop in and support their efforts by shopping for supplies at their Saturday sales several times a year. Because it’s so hard to convince me to go to a thrift sale, right?

This weekend I found some real treasures. It wasn’t the most stellar haul I’ve ever made, but it fit my needs and wasn’t too expensive. I found 2 king size pillowcases in a green floral print, by Ralph Lauren ($2 for the pair). I will have to figure out exactly what yardage this affords, but I just love the fabric and it will become something fabulous. Soon.


I also found one king-size fitted sheet in a pink and orange paisley (also by Ralph Lauren, $3.99). I am clearly drawn to this fabric, having purchased a thrifted twin sheet set in it a couple years ago. You can see it in the nursery in the form of a crib sheet (with tutorial!) and the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt (with tutorials here and here!), and I also turned some into a wrap skirt and top for myself (neither photographed, sadly). It’s currently in the running for a summer dress project.


And I grabbed a rainbow of vintage trims for $0.25 apiece. Can’t beat that! I love vintage trims and seam bindings, and I use them for all sorts of fun things. Such a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise boring project. I really love the lacy green double fold bias tape. I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, but it will be lovely when I do :)

DSC_4870 DSC_4873

Do you thrift for crafting/sewing supplies? What is your favorite guilty pleasure to accumulate? Fabric? Trim? Zippers? All of the above? :)


Jodi Bonjour said...

I have to admit I hate thrifting. I wish I could go with you sometime. You grab some real treasures!

Erin M. said...

My pile of fabric loves me to go thrifting. I don't live in Ann Arbor as of the end of last year, but have made an effort to get to the PTO thrift shop to look at their craft supplies (Mostly just fabric) each of our two visits back. Can't beat the prices of $1.20 a yard. I never did the Kiwanis sales because the last time I went I took kids and I felt overwhelmed with them there and the narrow aisles and all the people. Great finds for you though.