Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sewing Class: Invisible Zipper, Blind Hem, Green Skirt



My very first invisible zipper!! Take a better look:


The sides of the yoke match up purrrfectly. And you can’t see the zipper! I’m so proud. Yes I am.


I designed this skirt myself, inspired by juebejue’s take on the A Plus A Line skirt at Burdastyle. Even though it was a free download, The Selfish Seamstress made some very valid and thought-provoking comments about the waste of paper caused by printing this pattern (it’s about 50 or 60 pages!), and I was planning to eliminate the pleats anyway. So, my A line skirt journey started in my garment design software and required eliminating darts in favor of a yoke, lots of fitting, and learning some new skills, like the invisible zipper (thank you, FTLOC) and a hand-stitched blind hem (thank you, Craftsy class!). I started drafting and finished it in less than a day (thank you, elementary school and naptime). I am very happy with the result, and have worn it out of the house. And it still looked good when I got home. Hooray!! It’s made of stretch sateen purchased at Joann’s, FYI.

Inside out, you can see the vintage stretch lace hem tape I used. But on the outside you see… nothing!! It’s blind!


Both the yoke topstitching and the partial lining understitching were accomplished using my edge-joining foot, which made them easy and perfectly parallel to the seam.


Since I opted not to line below the yoke (I didn’t have a suitable lining material on hand), I came up with a trick to enclose the scratchy tail of the zipper. Wrap and stitch the end with scrap fabric, and attach it to the seam allowances. Easy peasy. Comfy… wumfy?


Seriously, this was an ego boost. I can make things! Nice-looking, professional, very wearable finished things! I want to sew more.

What are you working on these days? Where does your inspiration come from? (I want to know!!)


Jodi Bonjour said...


You are lovely, the green is perfect and the whole outfit adorable.

And your CONSTRUCTION!!!! Karen!!! :) You are FREAKING AMAZING!

Sandsdal said...

Uhhhh la la! :)

Betsy said...

You look amazing in those photos! So professional and chic and put-together! I'm so impressed with the skirt! Well done. You're such an inspiration to me :)