Friday, September 21, 2012

Thrifting for Gold: New Favorite Mug

I feel silly writing about this, but I’ve found a new daily companion. At a thrift store.

It’s a mug.


Isn’t it lovely? With that pot-belly sort of shape and the impossibly thin and arching handle. I loved it at first sight. Until then, I was a one mug sort of girl. I have had a favorite mug for ages. This green beauty is my first pottery love:


I love this mug and have felt, from time to time (particularly as I warn my kids not to spill/bump/drop/touch it) that I would be very very sad indeed if the worst should happen. I bought this mug on a family camping trip to… Yellowstone? Maybe? I don’t remember. But it was definitely a souvenir, and I remember the little shop where it came from, if not the final destination. I was 14 or 16 or thereabouts, already a tea drinker. This hand-thrown green mug has probably held an ocean over it’s lifetime. We have mugs that match our dishes, but they have no style a very small capacity. I never use them unless we have company and I need to have more than one mug around. Do you have something like this, that reminds you of comfort and warmth? I look forward to my morning cup of tea, and I like holding my nice curvy mug to warm my hands.


The new mug fits wonderfully too, and holds a bit more. Drinking tea is definitely a ritual for me and, while I don’t expect to be buying any more mugs for a good long while, it’s nice to have a backup to my most used possession. It also has a nice little artifact that I didn’t notice until I was washing it at home… a tiny cross stamp. Now I love it even more because it will remind me what’s even more necessary than a healthy dose of caffeine in the morning. Perfection.


One other mug that I just love is this personalized child’s mug that was given to my daughter for Christmas last year by her godparents. I think it’s adorable, and I know she loves it for many of the same reasons I love mine. It was made by Moorefield Pottery on Etsy.

DSC_5476    DSC_5475

I think I had better go make another pot of tea and warm up my hands again…


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