Friday, October 26, 2012

Etsy Thoughts: Make, Photograph, List, Repeat

I just spent several weeks making “merch” like a crazy person followed by several weeks of photographing and listing it (then getting sidelined by a bad cold). At present, I have managed to list all my retail cashmere hats and wholesale recycled wool and cashmere flower brooches. It feels good. And also incomplete. I expect it’ll take another week or so to put up the retail flowers and wholesale hats. And hopefully some smaller gift sets of each. Then I’ll be ready to buckle down and do some home improvement-type projects that are waiting patiently (and some not-so-patiently) for attention.

Here’s a smattering of what has become available in TheJuneBride Etsy shop recently, in no particular order…

DSC_5691DSC_5930   DSC_6198DSC_6142 - CopyDSC_5952DSC_5722DSC_5680 DSC_5923


Well, that was fun! It’s nice, every now and again, to take stock of what one has actually accomplished (and not think too hard about all the other things that one has not yet accomplished). Refreshing!

Hope your weekend is great! Don’t work too hard :)

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