Friday, December 14, 2012

My Life in a Nutshell: Sometimes Life Hands You Lemons

Well, that was an unfortunately long and unexpected pause in our conversation, wasn’t it?

Truth be told, it’s been a rough time here since I last posted. Very early in November, my darling, competent, hard-working husband was laid off of his job after almost 10 years of service. We were completely blind-sided. Definitely one of the worst days of our life up to the present. However, like most of life’s disappointments, it was tempered with humor and was, ultimately, short-lived. He had multiple offers in short order and has accepted a new position that is very promising, and we are gratefully adjusting to the changes that it has brought.

But even more than that has been going on, keeping me completely busy and away from blogging. The past 6 weeks have also involved unexpected and expensive house and auto repairs, as well as a death in our extended family. Additionally, we had been intending for some time to move locally within the next year, and we were surprised less than a week after the layoff by some interest in our house even though it isn’t actually on the market yet. Since both my husband and I were able to work on the house, we quickly finished up a large portion of our to-do-before-we-sell list of tasks. We ultimately received an offer, but we agreed that it was just not enough to justify putting our family out of a home before we were ready, and with so much else going on.

So here we are… not quite back to normal, still feeling a bit unsteady, doing our best to enjoy the Christmas season and make the most of our new opportunities. Honestly, 2011 was a tough year, and 2012 has not been an improvement. I am hoping with everything I have that 2013 is better!

Despite the drama, I have been doing things, making things and dreaming things even if I haven’t been writing about them, and I hope to share some of that with you soon. Two weeks ago I was staging and photographing my house. Last week I was tuckpointing failed masonry joints. This week I made dozens of Christmas cookies (definite success) and sewed myself a dress (questionable fail?). Next week will be largely employed in making Christmas gifts for my children and godchildren. I am looking forward to Christmas and a New Year!

To avoid having a picture-less post, here is the Christmas card I have designed but probably won’t actually send (2012: Less is more, right?). Many thanks to my generous and uber-talented friend Maureen for the great photo! Regrettably, about 10 seconds after the picture was taken, the baby tripped and mangled his angelic little face. That’s the sort of year we’ve been having.

Christmas Card 2012 - Page 001

And yet we survive. It’s been long enough that all the facial lacerations have fully healed. I think we’re going to be OK…


Jess said...

Thoughts & prayers with you & your family this Holiday season!! Here's to hoping for can only go up from here :)

- Jess
Sparkles and Crafts

Jodi Bonjour said...

dang. sometimes life just doesn't let up.

I miss you and your beautiful family and pray for joy and peace in your home this holiday season, whatever the circumstances.


Joel said...

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