Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Love Letter to my House

We will be closing of the sale of our house VERY soon. The reality of the fact that we will no longer (however temporarily) be attached to a plot of land or a building to call our own is slowly dawning on me. We have lived here for over 9 years... More than a quarter of my life. In that time, I have birthed 4 children. They don't know anywhere else as home. We have planted trees that are now as tall as the house. Our dream of lilac-scented breezes blowing through the sunroom has come to inspiring fruition. We have refinished almost every surface in this house. We have seen neighbors come and go, and made some amazing friends. It has been a beautiful place to live.




I have been likening my feelings about this move to the day you have scheduled a haircut. That day, you inevitably wake up, look in the mirror, and think to yourself, "My hair looks great! Why am I getting it cut again?" You forget that every single day you wear it in a ponytail because it has grown out too long. It's time for a change. You know it deep down, but you just don't want to go in because you are afraid of a bad haircut.

Now, in this bittersweet time, we are really appreciating all the good things about our house... this house... a house that will soon belong to a different family whose needs will be met here better than it meets ours.

I love the plush grass in the flat backyard. I loved the big picture window, just perfect for toddlers to look out. I love the mantle and bookcases I built in the family room. I love the lilacs,the  redbud and the autumn blaze maple we planted. I love the crabapple tree that blooms in big fluffy pink clouds of blossoms and rains petals on delighted children. I love the green kitchen. I love the basement treehouse. I love the peonies. I love the kind neighbors. I love the short walk to school. I love that there is a built in circuit for wound-up children to run. I love the sunroom. I love the wood floors. I love the tile work in the bathroom. I love the paint colors. I love the forsythia.




It is definitely time for us to move on, no matter how much we love the cumulative charm of all the little changes we have made over the past decade. Practically, we need a second full bathroom. We need more privacy from our growing kids (did somebody say "master suite?"). We need to be closer to the Catholic school for next year. No amount of house-lovin' can make those needs any less pressing.

And so, with a fond backward glance and a pang of nostalgia, I have to make myself say goodbye in a fist step towards our new adventure.

Goodbye, House. Goodbye.




Jodi Bonjour said...

I totally hear you. It hard to leave a place that you have worked so hard on loving and that you have shared with the ones you loved.

The best part of your home you are taking with you. :)

Erin M. said...

I think what you're feeling is normal, not easy, but normal. That's how I felt with our house that we outgrew and left for someone else. I think you'll appreciate having those photos.

I'm looking forward to seeing where you land.