Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Impending Transience

Well, it's been a while yet again, hasn't it? Hopefully, by the time this posts, I've figured out how to get my original blog feeding posts to the new shop/blog site. No guarantees, but I'm working on it. When I have time. Which hasn't been often lately, I must say.

My family is, at the time of this writing, well on its way to becoming homeless. It sounds terrible, I know. But it's true! We will be closing on the sale of our current house at the end of May, expecting to move out in July. To where are we moving? The answer is not forthcoming. We are searching for a next house with a passion, but the current real estate climate is strongly in favor of sellers (as we experienced with finding our buyers!). Lots of people needing houses, not enough to go around.

It's a local move, at least, so it's easier for us to have a feel for various areas and neighborhoods than someone unfamiliar with the area. But the fact that acceptable (and even completely unacceptable) houses are being snatched up like cookies by an unsupervised hungry two-year-old is unavoidable and a little depressing, to be honest. But we have faith that the right house is out there, and we will find it, even if it takes a while longer than we would like.


My parents have generously offered to allow us to inhabit their lovely, finished, walkout basement for the summer months if we need to. On their organic farm. In the pretty countryside. It would certainly be far nicer than being crammed in an apartment for a few months, if we could even find such flexible terms (unlikely at best). This generosity calls into question their sanity (we do have 4 kids under 9 who are magnets for mess and destruction), but loving parents will be loving parents (and grandparents), and there isn't anything to be done about it. Except maybe overstay a welcome by several months :) As with most things, time will reveal the truth of the matter.


In the meantime, as we pack up our non-critical belongings not knowing when we will unpack them again, let alone where, we are trying to keep calm and carry on. Life must be lived, birthdays have to be celebrated, school activities will need to be attended. The kids are handling it well so far under the auspices of "the Summer of Grand Adventures", or at least "a vacation at Grandma's". They accept on faith what we say... "The next house will be even better than this house!" Just maybe not right away. We are open to a wide range of properties... Something in perfect condition at the top of our range, or something barely inhabitable and in desperate need of rehab to be had for a pittance. Who knows? The details are floating around in a miasma of possible futures, and no amount of hoping or wishing will bring clarity. In this dense, amorphous fog, we continuously check new property listings, stalk government websites for the odd public record or inspection report, and are helpless but to do a drive-by of the latest parcel of interest. In the end, we simply have to have faith. That is, after all, the real goal of life anyway, and we feel very confident that this phase of our existence is no exception.



As always, I am optimistic about blogging more, especially now that I've (hopefully) solved the dual blog issue. I have been hesitant to blog (in those rare precious moments where I wasn't repainting, staging or packing) since there was no clear idea of where I should post. But I am content with this solution until IndieMade can accommodate a fully-functional blogging platform, and this should allow me to continue using Live Writer to compose posts with a minimum of inconvenience and headache. I have been doing much that would be fun to blog about, and occasionally photographing those efforts for my own edification. Stay tuned. Even if I have to pack up all my other creative outlets for an unknown period of time, the blog will remain.

Until next time...

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