Friday, September 13, 2013

A Handcrafted Chapel-Length Wedding Veil


She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? My new sister-in-law! It was a beautiful wedding from head to toe. She had lots of ideas and, unlike many Pinterest dreamers, she actually made A LOT of them happen for the big event. One of the details she hoped to incorporate was a chapel-length veil, edged in lace, to match her ivory lace dress with a chapel-length train. I was delighted to be able to help with that! In true hacker fashion, I sized up a similar veil at the bridal shop and drew up my own plan.


I bought some matte ivory tulle at Joann's, and ordered 10 yards of lovely lace the bride selected from The Lace Place (which was originally white and I dyed it to a matching ivory with a hot vinegar/espresso bath… in retrospect, tea-staining might have been an equally effective solution).


I cut a rectangle 6 ft long and the width of the fabric (probably about 4 ft, but I don’t recall exactly). I rounded the bottom edge to a semi circle shape. I then lapped the lace (now fully aired out, pressed, and a lovely shade of ivory; scallop side out) over the edge of the veil (down the long edges and around the bottom) and machine stitched it down with a large wavy stitch. The stitching is barely noticeable on the lace, and the excess tulle was easily trimmed off after sewing. I gathered the raw top edge and attached it to a 4” metal comb. The bride was able to take the finished veil to the bridal shop to be steamed and stored with the wedding dress until the big day, so it was safe from accidental mishap and wrinkles.


She also needed this long veil to be able to bustle for the reception (dancing, anyone?), so we played around with options and came up with a great solution. Halfway down the veil (~3 ft from the comb) and about 12” from either side, we threaded a 4” loop of heavy duty thread through the airy fabric and pulled the middle bulk up in gathers, then hooked the loops around the ends of the comb. This formed an inconspicuous fold beneath the veil (you can see below right at the height of her elbow), and allowed the edging lace to still drape in a flattering way. And, after the fact, we simply reversed the process and the veil has no holes or hooks left as evidence. Perfection!



Unwin Tony said...

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varinder said...

Wow! this lace is looking is beautiful. Congrats you both and wish a bright life ahead. My wedding day is very near. i am really excited. I have reserved Boston venues. I just wish it to become memorable day for everyone.