Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tea Party Bridal Shower Favors


It’s a tea bag. It’s a shower favor. It’s a glassine bag with a sugar cookie in it.


I will admit that I think these favors turned out really well and that I shamelessly stole the idea from countless other online sites that have made the humble tea bag idea into a very cute, giftable concept. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. I believe had some feature about making your own tea bags (full of tea). Something obviously inspired the glassine bag, but I am sadly not recalling what that was. And I had made present cookies at Christmas, so making them in approximately the wedding colors was an easy jump. Overall, I was glad to have something unique and also theme-y to give at our bridal tea party. I made the cookies and assembled the favors several days in advance, and the glassine bags kept them perfectly fresh.


I made the tea bag labels in MS Word (I later added a red hand-drawn heart in the middle as well), printed on cardstock, cut, folded, mini-hole-punched, and threaded. The 4x6 glassine bags and red baker’s twine came from Amazon. The cookies were made from my standby sugar cookie recipe, with royal icing. I cut freehand rolled dough rectangles roughly 3.5” by 3” to make the present shape.


Stuff cookies into the envelopes, fold into tea bag shape, attach the label-on-string, and display in old wooden crate.


The process was a little crumby, but not too complicated with the right materials on hand. Certainly crafty enough to suit our girly gathering :)


Unique Wedding favors by After Flats said...

love the tea! great idea! Perfect gift for bridesmaids

Drew Watts said...

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