Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Almost a Renaissance Woman

Welcome, 2014!


It's been a long few years around here. I opened my first Etsy shop about 6 years ago, at time when I was coming out a fog from having produced 3 beautiful babies in the same number of years. Life had been intense, and it was just easing up enough for me to need a creative outlet for my "free" time. Etsy answered that need handily, and if have enjoyed successfully selling my creations online for quite a time after that. In my brain, 2008-2010 are called, "The Fat Years".

But these past three years, 2011-2013, have been the sort of lean years that have left me craving a simpler life and more time to exercise my left brain. Lots of family demands with baby #4, a bad back, frequent house-sweeping illnesses, new extracurricular commitments, a major job change for my husband, and, now, a change of address as well. It has been beyond busy, with some days and weeks that have forcibly stretched my capacity for toil. That is not to say there were not also a lot of fun times and good experiences, but it has certainly not been the carefree craftathalon of my naive mid-twenties. My goal for 2013 was to enjoy the crazy ride I knew was coming, and I do think I made the most of quite a bit of our haphazard existence. I will consider that a successful effort.


But it is days like today that get me thinking about the European Renaissance. A time of emergence from death and sickness, game-changing innovations like the printing press, scientific advances that gave a lot of people a lot more free time to make amazing stuff. So I sit here - in my new living room, surrounded by mountains of stacked furniture and unpacked boxes - and I breathe a sigh of relief that so much feudal struggling is behind me. We have come through 5 months of packing and prep to list our house, 1 month of moving out, 5 months of homelessness*, 1 month of working at a breakneck pace on the new house, and 3 days of intense physical exertion just to get all of our belongings and people into the new house. Sure, I still have a LOT of work to do. Sure, my kids are still going to bring home the current school plague weekly. We are not insulated from tragedies and auto problems and medical emergencies. But on the horizon I can see the glittering sunrise of a new phase of productivity. My fingers are tingling already...


Like last year, I am not setting specific goals for 2014. I have no shortage of hopes and dreams and aspirations, but they are happily living in my own mind and bothering no one else at the moment. I will continue to do what I will do, as best as I can, and enjoy what work I find daily needs to be done. The only thing I can be sure of is that there will be a lot of it, so I plan to attack it with a will and a good attitude. I also plan to carve out time to just be a human being and enjoy the other human beings I live with and those I get to see socially. That is what life is all about, after all!


Keep calm, and carry on.


*Not really. Living with my parents was definitely not at all like being homeless, but also not the same as living in one's own space and discretely containing one's own loud, dirty brood and one family's own ridiculous volume of earthly possessions.

{{Some of  the photos here are from today’s snowy tromp around my new yard. Thanks to my funny husband for the awesome photo of my “skeptical face”… I harassed him for shooting at an angle, but, combined with the beer bottle and wine glass, I think he has achieved photographic success in that moment.  I love you, baby!}}


Jodi Bonjour said...

I look forward to what this coming year brings you as well!!!

You are a woman who makes thing happen and this year is going to be great, I know it!

Reenie said...

Hooray 2014! You are an amazing woman and have handled the last insane year with grace and good humor - you inspire me! Looking forward to a calmer 2014- at least on the moving your whole life front.

And I love the photo of you! Gorgeous. And good job on an angle Tim. :)