Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Iced Sugar Cookies

Now that we have a house again, I have been truly enjoying cooking and baking again. Some might say too much. Some might casually suggest that I am baking instead of unpacking (or blogging). I can neither confirm nor deny such allegations.

In that vein, I recently made some cookies to be used as baby shower favors for a family friend. The colors were lime and lavender. I think they turned out sweet and a nice complement to the rest of the shower d├ęcor. This was my first time doing polka dots… for the canopy, I dropped dots of colored icing onto still-wet white icing. It all flattened together and dried wonderfully cohesive, and I would certainly use that technique again!


The hostess of the shower packaged them in a simple cellophane bag with ribbon and some starry garland.


Since decorating cookies is a time-consuming process, I decided to make some more while I was at it to minimize the overall effort per cookie. I made a bunch of gift cookies to be used for favors for a teacher appreciation luncheon at my kids’ school, and a tray for my husband to take to a work event. The concept here is nothing new to me… bake a rectangular cookie, ice with one color, then pipe on the gift wrap. I love to add coordinating sprinkles for a polka dot paper look (I guess polka dots are my thing right now?).


If you want to make your own favors like this to gift to your favorite teachers, feel free to use the label I designed. My tags were approximately 2” squares, but you can resize to suit your needs. I printed mine on cardstock, 12 tags per page.

Teacher Appreciation Tea Bag Tags by TheJuneBride

The exact glassine bags I used can be purchased here, and the pearl cotton twine is here (Amazon affiliate links).

I show you how to fold the tea bag shape from the envelope in this previous post.

Happy procrastinating baking!

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Keep It Up, David said...

Beautiful photographs of beautiful cookies! Well done. Don't eat all the leftovers at once. :)