Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Preparations

I have been plugging away like a mad woman at my Easter and First Communion party planning. Party of 35 or so. Sewing, baking, cleaning, home improving. And so it goes…
I have made what I can ahead of time, including some very cute Easter egg cookies using my favorite recipes (found here). I used my newfound color puddle technique from the baby shower cookies and made some chevron/zigzag cookies along with the ever-fun polka dots. Amazing what a toothpick can do, no?
Of course I had to make some REAL Easter cookies too, since we are actually celebrating the fact that our eternal souls have been redeemed by amazing grace, and not, in fact, egg-laying rabbits:
After whining recently about things I have NOT done, I am very happy to report that much progress has been made on many a house project.

  • I am glad to report that we have installed 6 of the 7 necessary wood floor transitions! While I was at it, I planed down the top of the master bathroom door… and now the door closes ALL THE WAY. Privacy: worth the hype. And I also (finally) installed the missing trim and painted both bay windows! And made an Easter sign from scrapbook paper because I just couldn’t help it.
  • The design wall for my sewing room (currently in guest room mode) is up and fabulous! DIY coming soon.
  • I hung up a LOT of artwork. My choices were either move the boxes of artwork downstairs (and have to eventually move them back up), or open them and find homes for the contents. I took the easy, feel-good path.
  • The half bath is closer to being completely done with some help from Target brackets and Home Goods crates (and a wicker fish basket I had around). Finally, storage that works for me. My man needs to swap out the faucet and fan, but we’re just trying to survive to Easter, so he can deal with that some other day! In the meantime, I can’t hide the ridiculous mount of noise that the fan makes, but I did paint the cover white to mediate the dated-ness of it.
  • The First Communion dress project has been a big fat Catholic success. As I mentioned, I chopped up my wedding dress and converted it into a new dress for my second daughter to wear for her big day. I am so proud of her, and so glad to pass along this important garment. Here is a teaser from our little “hair testing” photo shoot. I’ll share more about this soon. With real pictures :)
And I am still working determinedly at baking and cleaning for Sunday’s festivities. I am tired… not gonna lie. But I am loving all the motivation of hosting a large gathering, and I would bore you to tears with all the little things that are being done to make this house a home. Happy details for me, and I know that, while I will not be able to move on Sunday night when it’s all over, I will wake up happy on Monday morning knowing that I can take a well-deserved vacation from home improvement and enjoy a Spring break at home with my kids. Hopefully in some sunshine.
I am looking forward to celebrating Easter, and I hope you are too! Many blessings to you and yours for a wonderful weekend of rejoicing! Happy (early) Easter!!

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