Friday, May 30, 2014

The Magical Garden Continues..

I have been so busy watching magical things pop up around the new house. One advantage to an older home is that we inherited a fully established vibrant lawn, mature trees and an amazing landscape. Here are some of the sights from yesterday…


From front to back: flowering chives, sorrel (it bolted… maybe I should have done something to it to prevent this, or maybe it’s what is supposed to happen?) and some crazy rhubarb (I am told this particular one should be harvested in the late summer).


Unidentified specimen in the herb garden. Might be a weed. But it sure is pretty!


Lots of strawberries. It looks promising for enough to make some quantity of jam, but I am not counting my berries until they are picked.


Honeysuckle! Smells divine… just starting to open by the sunroom doors (the blurry background is the energy meter it is hiding!)…


Unidentified. Maybe allium.


Poppies! Not sure when they will bloom… so I check them daily just for fun!


I don’t know what these little flowers are, but I like them.


Lovely lovely lilac. Korean lilac, I believe. There is a tree-like white one too that is just finishing.


Bleeding hearts seem to thrive in the shady front bed. White and pink…


Allium? Not sure. And I am too lazy to Google. Anne, don’t Google it for me :)


Peonies everywhere! I love peonies and I cannot wait to find out what colors are here. There must be more than 10 peony plants in various places around the house. I nipped off all the side buds on each stem to hopefully make the main flowers more showy. We will see.


I don’t know, but I like this type. It has been sprinkled around a bit too, popping up in mixed sun/shade around the house.


Unknown. This is a little shrub on each side of the driveway by the road. I thought it was just a little evergreen until the flowers popped up. The previous owner doesn’t know what they are either, so I guess I should look into it (to avoid killing it accidentally).


Columbine. I have found it in beds, but this stuff is popping up like weeks in cracks near the fence. Very happy there. I guess it is prolific :)


Lilies waiting to pop!


Bed of day lilies. There are a few clumps of stella de oro  in there, but it’s mostly the invasive type. Looking forward to seeing what color. The lambs ear is starting to pop up and I suppose I should rip it out before it takes over completely (like my last house.. oops). I don’t want to have to move again just to get away from it.


Hostas everwhere. Lots of kinds!


And ground cover… mostly varieties of sedum, vinca and some sort of creeping evergreen.


Irises… all white or blue so far, but there are a lot that have yet to open. There is also the purple smoke plant that we transplanted from my friend’s house. So far, it seems pretty happy here.


There are ferns around back in the shade, but I have never seen this kind before.


Red maple (maybe not too healthy, sadly) in front of some ornamental cherry trees, honey locust and Japanese maple trees.


I even found a prickly pear type cactus… it survived this Michigan snowmageddon winter, so I have to think it likes it there. Odd, but happy making.


Hens and chicks. They are only in one little spot by the garage door, but I kind of love them. They make this picture look distorted but they are all weirdly oblong like that. Succulents… defying expectations.

There is sooooo much more… no way to capture all of it. There are climbing roses, burning bush, holly (not too happy after this winter), hydrangeas, sedum (a non-ground cover type); hyacinths, tulips and daffodils have all bloomed already; the ornamental pear trees were magnificent 2 weeks ago; and there are so many other plants I haven’t identified and aren’t close to blooming yet. I plan to take pictures every 2 weeks or so all summer to get a real idea of what is here and when it does what it does. I am not sure how else to inventory or catalog all of it! I get the distinct feeling I am not in control…

The previous owners just came over to help us open the pool (wonderful people!), so I got to wander around with the former gardener herself and ask questions. She is a little old lady with great grandchildren, and she has more energy than I do. While dinner was in the oven, she took me for a walk in the nearby trails and showed me where there is a lot of wild black raspberry. Marvelous :) She told me repeatedly that I will never be bored here, and fully believe her. Despite my initial reluctance and the lengthy list of “we’ll get to it someday”s, I am definitely loving the new house and its grounds!! But I had better get my gardening game on…


Reenie said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! I might have garden envy. And hey, you took a photo walk envy (I've been meaning to do that but always think of it while I'm hauling brush... which never seems to be the ideal time). I want to come see the gorgeousness in person. Eeek. Absolutely lovely!

L.Mitz said...

So pretty! What luck (well, blessing really) to have acquired such a beautiful garden! :o)

The purple flowers you thought might be Allium are...and the unknown orange looks like possibly butterfly weed? I didn't get a good look at the leaves from your picture.