Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Home and Garden

I have been having so much fun watching the garden grow… picture taking has been sporadic, but I think I have documented most of the perennials as they bloom (for my own future reference and enjoyment).

The dramatic poppies bloomed and faded over a week ago, about when the strawberries started to be pickable and some yellow flowers were starting (still going), but I have no idea what they are (do you? leave me a comment!). I have picked and frozen over 2 pounds of strawberries from our garden (probably for jam), but they are really winding down and I don’t expect much more.


The back rose bush is going strong, though the heavy rains have been knocking off petals right and left. There is another rose of unknown color by the front porch, but I think our brutal winter has depressed it mightily, since it has no buds at all and just looks stunted and sad.


The lilies have started blooming in places, and one swath of them is completely covered in garden snails. I had to look closer… I have never seen anything like that before.


The daylilies are just starting, both the invasive orange type and the more controlled yellow ones. Forgive the black and white… the orange lily just wasn’t popping with a reddish brick wall behind it.

DSC_1153 - CopyDSC_1159

And there are other little happy things everywhere:

DSC_1145DSC_1151DSC_1157DSC_1158DSC_1160DSC_1149 - CopyDSC_1168DSC_1147DSC_1170

And a few not-so-happy things that are showing the real damage from such an unrelenting winter… with trees now in full foliage, it is clear that the grafted rose of sharon tree that was blooming so beautifully when we first saw the house last August is 75% dead. And there are is a large leaf-bare side to a front maple as well. Not pictured is some badly wind blighted holly and a few other unidentified bushes and trees that just had a little too much winter for their own good.


While wandering with my camera after the rain, I even found one little (big) bat sleeping in the tree.


As to the “home” part of this… Here is one of the doors I was thinking about painting (possibly red)… I am supposed to be resting and not over exerting my back, but when I have time and feel up to it, I have been slowly slowly scraping off the peeling paint in preparation for repainting. Sometimes I just can’t help myself… so… I mean to say… it’s almost ready to be painted. Which means it is looking terrible and of course I want to paint it. Right now. And then considering the house as a whole… the shutters are currently an orangey peach. I am gunning for eye-pleasing contrast, and thinking classic colonial black might just be the ticket. But then the (ample) trim might need to be painted white from the current gray… it’s getting complicated…


There’s no place like home!

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Karen said...

So... apparently those are not garden snails. They are called bulbils and act Ike seeds but with an extra appendage that helps pull them into the soil when they fall off the plant. Crazytown. I guess that is how some species of lilies can propagate asexually. The more you know...