Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Be Your Best in 2015

A couple dear friends and I have decided that we needed a good, motivating motto for this new year we’ve got. After some deliberation and much joking about mottos past, our collective mantra turns out to be:

Be Your Best

(read: Be Yo’ Best)

And that means taking care of sick people and honoring commitments and taking a moment to just be around green things every now and again. Which is why writing a blog post about New Year’s mottos is happening 3 full weeks after the fact. Accepting my humanity, moving on…


There are a few key areas of my life that I hope will benefit from mindfully endeavoring to be my best this year. They are:

Spiritual life – scheduling prayer time, consciously offering mortification for others, and choosing to do everything with greater joy

Family life – being more present for all my people in small ways each day; being more kind, patient and loving

Personal health – choosing more nutritious foods generally, while not beating myself up when a brownie is needed for quality of life purposes; making an effort to move more, but in ways that don’t hurt my back; choosing to love myself everyday, just as I am

Lifelong learning – not being afraid of challenges in learning new skills; following through with purely educational projects; making a real effort to do my very best work with proper technique; getting outside my comfort zone and not fearing failure

House projects – in an effort to be realistic, I have only a few stated goals for the house in 2015: make window treatments for two bedrooms (by May), paint the stairs and hallway (and all remaining doorway and other trim), and build a closet where the minibar currently exists in our sunroom. These are projects that will improve the user experience of the house in a very real way. I will do other work too, I’m sure, but those are the big goals.


I did not make a category for my business pursuits. On purpose. I have realized that I am in a phase of my life where “making money” and “building my brand” are not what I want to really focus on. I do still  have that desire, but that cannot compete with my family needs this year and the time needed for other commitments I have made. This doesn’t mean I am shutting down, or even scaling back, but I choose to accept that I can’t drop everything else to make that a greater priority this year. I would love financial success without the effort, but that is not how this works. I will be better for saying it up front and putting my energy where it is needed in the bigger picture.

So… a little late, but better than never!


And just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day for the TaxACT giveaway. As of this writing, there are but 10 entries for 3 prizes. You could call that either terrible blogging or excellent odds. I prefer to think positive!

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Reenie said...

Love it. Be Yo Best!! You're well on your way.