Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Real Life: American Girl Doll Huron Valley Catholic School Uniform

I have been too quiet here lately. The biggest culprit at present is the fact that I have 3 busy kids at a (wonderful) Catholic school (and 1 busy guy not yet at the wonderful Catholic school), and the parent community is the crux of its fundraising efforts. Every year, the (wonderful) parents join forces and put on a spectacular dinner auction to raise money for need-based tuition scholarships. Not only is the auction an ever-increasing success, the evening is filled with fun and friends. I have previously mentioned that both my husband and I are alumni of this (wonderful) school, and it is very much an establishment we are glad to support in dollars and hours and students. If you live in the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Plymouth-Canton, Dexter, Saline or South Lyon area and are looking for the best imaginable education for your pre-K through 8th grade kids AND a supportive and faith-filled parent community, please stop by and have a look at Huron Valley Catholic School!


This year, I am in charge of a couple parts of the auction, including managing the silent auction baskets. That particular job, in a nutshell, is to take the merchandise donated and make it look as attractive and cohesive as possible in shrink-wrapped baskets. It’s another job that is essentially the equivalent turning straw into gold… to maximize the profit, we try to work with what has been donated in terms of baskets, fluffy filler, and merchandise to produce a bid-worthy package. Of course, as with many crafty things, Pinterest has helped corral my inspiration... here’s my auction basket design board.

This year, the acquisitions volunteers procured an American Girl doll… Isabelle, the girl of the year for 2014. She came with a couple cute outfits but she was sadly lacking in school spirit. After a couple months of living the minutiae of benefit auction logistics, I needed a little creative outlet, and it came in the form of a pint-sized Catholic school girl uniform for Isabelle. I used my pattern software to build an 18” doll version of the jumper option our little girls can wear to school, complete with a t-shirt transfer miniature HVCS logo. I made the peter pan collar and sleeves attached to the jumper rather than a separate blouse, for simplicity’s sake. And here she is!


I am so pleased with how this uniform turned out… it hit the spot for my creative needs and will hopefully help draw bigger bids for this package. More money = more kids who can attend = more lively school! Everybody wins!


I am considering putting together some AG doll clothing patterns (including this jumper!) to make an affordable and versatile pattern bundle for moderately experienced sewists (meaning I’ll provide the pattern blocks that could be used for a variety of styles and it will be up to you to mix/match/assemble according to your vision). Like slopers for your AG doll… use them to dream big, test your design skills, and whip up a custom doll wardrobe! I will have to wait until after this year’s auction before embarking on that adventure (it’s in just 2 weeks! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!). So, in the meantime, if this concept is something you’d be interested in, join my email list below by the end of February 2015 with your preferences and you will get the package for FREE as a PDF when it’s ready!! ((your info is secure, and I only send about 4 emails per year))

I hope you are surviving this winter with whatever sustains your creative spirit when the sun is on vacation! It WILL be Spring again someday :)

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