Saturday, June 27, 2015

Project Update: Late Night Edition

Late night. Waiting on some Unisom to kick in, so I figured it’s maybe a good (or maybe a bad) time to update the blog. My contacts are out for the night and my not-sleeping led me to sneak out my bedroom sans-glasses so as to not disturb the sleeping hubs, so, to see what I am writing, I am hunching over with terrible posture that will no doubt make me pay tomorrow. I am willing to risk it. The best time to write is when you have time.

I have been busy lately! Lots of pool repair, working on making a custom swimsuit pattern for my own self (with foam bra cups and underwires!), and trying to make the most of this lovely summer. It is going well!


The pool repair/maintenance is going well, but unfortunately still going. Before we really opened up the pool and raised the water level, I replaced a bunch of fallen tiles and repaired some crumbly concrete coping. After that, we raised the water level and proceeded to make a pool chemical conversion from Baquacil to chlorine. That took a while to complete, but it worked beautifully and now we are in much better control of our pool water chemistry. Without the pool store! Liberating, and budget friendly. My husband really did a great job on that. Next I ripped up all the cracking, shredding, and missing caulk around the pool and replaced it. None of that was rocket science, but neither was it really any fun. It was, however, necessary… and majorly moneysaving as a DIY. I still have to repaint restain the pool coping and pool deck. I have the paint stain, I have the non-slip additive… if only it would stop raining for long enough to get it down! One of these weeks!


Here’s the chemical conversion… nasty “baquagoo” formed for several days, we scooped what looked like Jabba the Hut out of our skimmer, and eventually it cleared up to a marvelously clear state and has remained so ever since.



I made a swimsuit.

She says casually like everyone can do it. It fits. It’s totally imperfect in every way in terms of construction and design, but I flippin’ sewed a swimsuit that I might even wear outside. It’s damn comfy too. This was my wearable muslin for a balconette-type suit, so it has chocolate brown lining and nude underwire casing. Yeah, and I don’t care. It has foam cups and well fitting underwires and doesn’t create a wardrobe malfunction when I lean over. I feel like the bomb even though I am not presently showing you modeled pics of this little suit. Sometimes the satisfaction of learning new skills is enough. I may get there, but it takes more than a little courage, a sunny day, and a friendly unicorn to come help take pictures for me to do that. So we’ll see. Don’t hold your breath. One of my new years goals of 2015 was to get out of my comfort zone with sewing , and this fits the bill. Done. Check. Now I want to make another! And some lingerie! Which I also won’t model for you! Exciting!? I thought not. ((hopefully pics to be added during daylight hours!).


School’s out, and we’ve been having fun. Swimming, badminton, tennis, baseball, berry picking (strawberry, juneberry, and now wild black raspberry), jamming (strawberry rhubarb), library summer reading program, and spending as much time as possible in the company of as many of our favorite people as we can. I don’t know if I’d say the living is easy, per se, but it sure beats a Michigan winter, and handily :) We are making some wonderful memories and trying to live each day intentionally, if not blogging much. And that’s okay. DSC_7924DSC_7935DSC_1248

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