Sunday, September 13, 2015

Maxi Skirt to Midi Dress Refashion

If this post had hashtags, they would be #desperatetimes #desperatemeasures.

I find myself in need of warm weather clothing even as the brisk weather of Fall approacheth. The fam is taking a trip to what is self-acclaimed to be the Happiest Place on Earth, and it’s going to be HOT and also humid.

The solution here is twofold:

a) Quick, find some shorts I don’t hate. ((I’ll work on my pants sewing skills another time))

b) Buy or whip up some skirt and/or dresses appropriate to the situation.

I have managed to solve a), but b) has not been as forthcoming. I just have not liked anything I am seeing in actual stores for actual money. Granted, it’s the end of the season, but still. I guess I am old since I can’t accept current fashion trends. Sigh. However, while hunting for some school necessities for my kids, I found a clearance maxi skirt at Kohls that I like. The problem? It was a size 3X.


I am a medium sized person generally, so this was going to be a problem. But the $8 skirt had a lot of fabric, with pre-matched chevron stripes that I couldn’t resist. So… time for a quick refashion!

While holding it up to my own body to figure out if it would be long enough for a dress, I folded the waistband down and was inspired to flip the bodice upside down for a quilty, stripey diamond pattern. Here is what I did:


My bodice pieces were made from a rub-off of a tank top I had. No darts… embrace the knit!


The construction was basic… I sewed together the top (preserving the wide elastic waistband), then the skirt, then attached them and finished the neck and armhole edges.


I preserved the original hem which caused the sides to be a tad longer than the front and back. That might have bothered me were I not quite so desperate, or if the skirt had been long enough to accommodate a new hem that would have still been long enough for my thirty-something sensibilities. As it is, I will call it “character” and leave it at that :)


And, for posterity, a super awkward dress-in-action selfie. Yep… Hi. My name is Karen and I’m a dork :)


I really do like the end result. This is a dress that is not completely pretty on the inside, but I don’t care. I like the stripes, I like the gray, and it is super comfy. It is far from perfect but who cares? It’s at least as well constructed as what is available ready-to-wear. I harbor secret desires to make another dress before we go, but I don’t know if that’ll happen because REALITY. But we’ll see :)

New dress? check.


Reenie said...

I LOVE IT!!! I'm so impressed. The pattern of the gray and white is adorable and the dress looks fabulous on you! Nicely done.

Red Wood Creations said...

Yes, I have been looking for this all day better now than never!

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