Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Where did summer go?

School starts tomorrow! This summer has blown by, with a bazillion home improvement and décor projects (some lingering in various states of completion), some lovely trips (exhausting but memorable!), lots of good food and spending time with the many and varied people who enrich our lives. It has been truly truly a wonderful summer! But today is the very last little itty bitty bit and we’re trying to pull it together for a new school year adventure. The kids are ready. I still need the handful of short hours I have left…


Summer in SE Michigan seems to be hanging on for dear life too… it’s beyond hot and muggy. Even my insulated cups are sweating in our no central AC lifestyle. But it’s good to feel like we really got all the summer out of summer this year… last year I felt a  little robbed with a back injury and recovering from the move.


My baby (not really a baby anymore!) starts preschool this year. In addition to all the obvious good that he will get out of this deal (our school has an amazing preschool), I am really looking forward to having some solo time on a regular basis. I don’t have huge aspirations of getting my habitation objectively clean for the first time in over a decade – maybe next year when school is an everyday affair for all the kids - but I do hope to be able to get to a lot of tasks which, in my home and with my people, could easily have been exchanged for the eternal torment of Sisyphus. Tasks like organizing a bookshelf. Or laundry.


Whatever the Fall will bring, I pray that you and I both have the confidence to meet all challenges with optimism, the willpower to let go of inevitable frustrations, and the ability to find a source of joy every day. Let’s get to it…


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